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How to innovate in Photonics for tomorrow's technologies

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UNION is a scientific platform dedicated to Research & Development in the field of Ultrafast Optics, Nanophotonics and Plasmonics. It is a unique facility welcoming research laboratories and industrial partners. UNION is funded by the French Ministry of Education, Research and Technologies, via a program of investments for the future (Equipex 2011-2020), and run by the National Research Agency.

Our goals

Exploring new phenomena and physical mechanisms

Designing new devices useful for the Technologies of Information and Communication

Develop methods and instrumentation for characterizing nano-materials and nanostructures

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Experiments on demand can be performed for studying the temporal and spatial properties of optical, magnetic, plasmonic nanostructures as well as complex molecular systems (contact us).

Although we focus on two main research fields: Femtomagnetism and Plasmonics, which the Principal Investigators Jean-Yves Bigot and Thomas Ebbesen contributed to develop internationally, the Equipex UNION also welcomes scientific programs in Biology, Medical applications and Micro-electronics.